Tiruchirappalli has been a very important place when it comes to the history of Tamil Nadu. When we are talking about history, the awesomeness of Tiruchirappalli goes back to the time of the Cholas, and has a very special place in the history of Tamil Nadu even when you look back a couple of decades, and even today for that matter!

Trichy’s Cultural-Diversity & Diwali

If there is one city with so much of cultural diversity, history and a privilege that not many other cities have, the Diwali celebrations will have a hue of its own in Trichy. The Diwali celebrations in Trichy are nothing short of spectacular. Just like any other city in India, Diwali celebrations are not just confined to the Hindus, but the entire community takes part in the celebrations. There are cracker shops that spring up in the main areas of the city like the Bus Stand and Railway station and the markets surrounding them. People throng in huge numbers to buy these crackers, because they know the crackers are an integral part of the Diwali celebrations in there. Don't be surprised if you come across a church celebrating Diwali in Trichy!

Online Shopping of Crackers

Trichy is another city that has been quick to adapt to the changes in technology and culture. This means that the people of Trichy will never let go of the bursting of crackers as a habit, but they are open to buy crackers online from trusted websites. In order to get to this newfound habit of buying crackers online in Trichy, bijili.in has come up with exclusive specials for the city of Trichy.