Pune is considered to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra, even though Mumbai is a much larger City. The Fergusson college established in Pune way back in the year 1885 was the first privately government college in India. Because of the excess of Educational Institutes found in this locality, Pune is very fondly referred to as the Oxford of the east. It would be surprising to know that the game of badminton in which PV Sindhu is making waves today was born in Pune, and was for a long time known as Poona.

Diwali Celebrations in Pune

Celebration is an inevitable part of any Agglomeration that comes together forfeiting all the difference causing elements like religion and community. In places like this, Diwali celebrations acquire a very vivid makeover. The city of Pune would probably celebrate Diwali in so many styles that it covers all the parts of India. There would be speciality right from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu that are prepared and distributed to the neighbours and friends.

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