Madurai has been an integral part of much classical Tamil literature, including but not limited to Silappatikaram. This city is also credited with the distinction of giving home some of the most classical pieces of Tamil literature, aptly called as the Sangam Valartha Madurai.

Ask a person in Madurai what is the most important landmark in their city, and the obvious answer is going to be the Meenakshi Temple. Ask the same question to other person in the city, and rewind it by about 400 years, and the answer is still going to be the Meenakshi temple in Madurai. Such is the importance of this temple and such is the magnificence of this place of worship that it shares a synonymy with this temple city.

Crackers at Madurai

Just like Chennai, crackers shopping in Madurai are a matter of pride. A lot of groups take pride in showing off the grand sky bound fireworks that they light as symbols of their supremacy in the locality. These kinds of fireworks and this kind of attitude is what defines Madurai to be especially during the time of Diwali. It has also to be noted that these firework fights are very subtle and do not go to anything beyond that, but the deep friendship and brotherhood that the people of Madurai share will definitely transcend the realm of these fireworks.

Online Crackers at Madurai

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