Just like any other place that shares its affinity towards the celebration of Diwali, Chidambaram has its own Legend as well. It is said that the Thillai status who lived in the forest near Chidambaram where bent on controlling the Gods through their powers of Magic. Lord Shiva visited the forests disguised as mendicant. It is said that Lord Shiva killed the serpent's that way invoke and wore them as his braids, and killed the tiger that was invoked and wore The Tiger skin as his eternal attire. After this, he destroyed an all-powerful demon who was invoked by the sages while performing the cosmic dance, giving Chidambaram its eternal charm!

Chidambaram and Diwali

When we are looking at a place that has everything it takes for it to have a divine connotation, it will not miss out on celebrating Diwali in one of the grandest ways possible. It is further more made better by the story of this place that holds a very dear connection to the concept of Diwali. Chidambaram is a town of temples, and on the day of Diwali, it becomes a town of celebrations. Since this place has a lot of people who have stayed here for generations together, and their offsprings have migrated to be successful in various parts of the world, you can see a lot of people return to their hometown and worship the Gods and Goddesses that they have assigned for themselves and their family. All of these things, in addition to the bursting of crackers make Diwali in Chidambaram a really exquisite celebration.

Online Crackers Shopping at Chidambaram

Chidambaram was a town that cracked the nuances of particle physics somewhere in the 10th century. It is not new for this town to keep themselves shoulder to shoulder with the technologies that have been evolving, and this holds true even when buying crackers online at Chidambaram. Retailers like bijili.in take care to fulfill the needs of these people for home crackers are more of an excuse for celebration than the celebration itself!