Diwali is more than just a celebration in Chennai. It is not just about crackers. It is not just about new clothes. It is not just about people getting together. It is not just about the new releases of movies and the celebration that goes around that event. It is, in fact, the Grand combination of all these things that make the Diwali in Chennai a very unique one.

Chennai, Crackers and Diwali

The next biggest thing in Chennai related to Diwali, is of course, about the crackers. The crackers form an integral part of the Diwali celebrations in every pocket of Chennai. Journey on the Chetpet Bridge that barely last for a couple of minutes is good enough sample of what the Diwali of Chennai looks like. You can see the entire Skyline of the city started with the display of Fireworks of every kind and every size. In addition to this, there is an unwritten and uncharted competition that takes place between neighborhoods deciding who has the bigger and better crackers among the two. This culture is quite prevalent in North Madras. Remnants of these can even be seen in places like Purasaiwalkam, Perambur, Washermenpet and even parts of Foreshore Estate and Olcott Urur Kuppam.

Online Crackers Shopping in Chennai

In all of these crackers shopping experiences, Chennai has also carved a niche for itself when it comes to shopping for crackers online. Some of the retailers have given so much of an advantage with respect to quality and price in addition to the convenience of shopping from home that a lot of people have resorted to buying crackers online in Chennai. With the advent of  Online cracker retailers like bijili.in who make every kind of crackers available, and that too,  manufactured in our own Sivakasi, the people of Chennai are all the more  assured and are slowly acceptance that like food and apparel, even crackers can be purchased online to make the already awesome Diwali a really amazing one!